96% of us think we’re good listeners but only about 10% of us really are.

It’s not a problem with our ears, it’s an issue of what’s between our ears. Human minds wander. People think they’re listening when they’re only forming their response to what they think the other person is saying.

We’re at a moment in the history of humankind where we need to make sense and we must listen to what the other person is saying.

We're in a time that’s filled with both new possibilities and unexpected obstacles. 

But how can we harness the power of transformation if we’re not good at understanding each other?

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When you change the conversation, you will change your brain

Listening is a full-body experience that asks you to become conscious of your kinesthetic self, able to sense your own body in the space with the person you’re listening to.

Listening is making meaning with your senses: being radically self-aware of where your mind is and sharing your kinesthetic energy with the person you’re listening to. 

And here’s an important point you might want to make a note on: we make meaning inside our minds, not outside.